Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jazzy Ukulele tips

I am posting jazz standards on my web site for everyone to download.
These standards will all have the basic jazz patterns pointed out ( major and minor) so you can see how the chord shapes are used in repeating patterns in standards. It might not make a lot of sense to you if you don't have the Jazzy Ukulele Workbook. You can order it on the web site of course.
Good luck and good playing,

Glen Rose


  1. Glen,
    The following four songs that I’ve received from you have similar chord names;
    “A Nightingale sang…”, “Don’t Blame Me”, “Honeysuckle Rose”, and “S’Wonderful”

    They appear to have come from the same song book where some of the chords uses dashes in their names,
    Such as C-7, Bb-7, C-, F-7, A-7
    I see your note at the top of “Berkeley Square” saying that - = minor
    Is it correct to say that C-7 = Cm7, Bb-7 = Bbm7, C- = Cm?

    Hi Chuck,
    Yes, your correct on all assumptions. C-7 = Cm7, Bb-7 = Bbm7, C- = Cm?
    It's all jazz shorthand you find in certain books. And don't forget 7=dominant . Which means 7=9=13 for example C7 = C13 and/or C13.

  2. Glen
    Great to be able to get your arrangements of standards. I'm looking at "nightingale" and it seems that a second page is missing?

    Hi Steve,
    Happy you like it. it ends with the word "the" because it's leading back to the 3rd verse on the song which is the same music as the 1st two verses. . Fake book charts are condensed because of lack of space so it takes a little getting used to. They are Skeleton charts condensed to take up as little space as possible,the whole song is there in just half a page.

  3. Glen - I read your comments above and they are clear and everything looks like it worked well. Jeff

  4. Glen
    The jazz books were great! I also want to order the bosso Nova book.

    Also I think there is a typo error in your song, "The Lady is a Tramp" In the 3rd measure you have the chord labelled Dm9 should it be Dm7?

    Also can C6/9 (A7sus) and F6/9 (D7sus) be used interchangebly becuase they share 3 common notes A D G ?

    Hi Gil,
    Good questions.
    the C6/9 and and F 6/9 are interchangable A-D-G-C being good for both. Technically the C needs a major 3rd in it ( E) but it can be used without to create the sound of a 6/9 chord. It is a more obscure, jazz voicing but when used in the context of the major patterns the ear feels the resolve of the major chord.
    (A7sus) (D7sus) can be played with just A-D-G if you use only those 3 notes. If you put the C on highest note ( as in the 6/9 shape) it will serve as a good D7sus voicing but not so for the A7. You might try a B on as the highest note or just let the A ring open thus doubling it
    ( A-D-G-A)
    There are a few definitions for sus chords in Jazz . Minor sus chords are different and there are two different kinds of dominant sus chords. The A-D-G can get you around the block for either but they might not satisfy what you ear expects in various situations.
    Hope that helps.
    The Bossa Nova book isn't finished yet but should be before long. I'll let you know,

    The Dm7-Dm9 in Lady is A Tramp is a typo of sorts. I was trying to label all those minor chords shapes as m9 but slipped on that one. The real answer is that m9 and m7 are pretty much the same in jazz. A jazz player automatically adds 9 to a minor chord at will . They interchange for each other easily as their is little difference in the sound and function.

  5. I've added some tasty new songs to my repertoire using Glen's recipes and arrangements. I'm greatly improving my ability to improvise and compose and I'm just beginning to understand. His books and help are a lifeline and bargain.
    Kim Jorgensen
    2 yrs. playing uke
    School teacher
    2 yr. member of BerkelyUke Club

  6. Glen:

    Kim's comment from above shoves the use of ANONYMOUS when making a comment and you are just a random reader. I am not logged into my Humble Uker now so here's a comment using anon.

  7. Glen,

    Is you is or is you ain't making it hard to download your charts? They come out showing about a quarter of the page. do I have to set landscape a certain way? Techies out there, can you hep?

  8. Please let me know about any problems downloading the charts, I'll do what I can to make it work right.
    Glen Rose

  9. Just learning uke and a real beginner. Purchased my instrument about a year ago but due to circumstances haven't spent a lot of time playing. I have never really played an instrument, so the uke seemed a perfect place to start. This year I have been very drawn to jazz music. Very interested in what you offer here and on youtube and your website. Look forward to learning. Thanks for all of this information. peace, jeanne

  10. Glen - have you considered closing this since you're not posting anything here? I am going to remove the link since this is stagnant - Jeff

  11. I Highly reccomend the Jazzy Ukulele Workbook
    Glens approach to showing the potential Uke player,is informative,simple to understand,
    and will give you another insight,for playing
    Jazz Standards,
    Whatever you would like to play,Blues, Jazz,
    Glen Rose has the answers,(A Mentor of Ukulele Mike Lynch)