Tuesday, September 8, 2009

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  1. 9-13-09
    Hi Glen,
    I have been unable to pull up any new pieces from your blog. Have you put any on? Would love to be able to use the information you have given us so far with other tunes, but need more instructionl
    Thanks, Jan

    Response from Glen 9-13-09
    Hi Jan,
    I'm afraid I have created some confusion . I have a web site AND a new blog. Two different sites!! Yikes. The web site has the downloads. Go to : www.jazzyukulele.com.
    Then go to "downloads." There you should see the tune,
    "A Nightengale Sang in Berkeley Sq. " for download. There also is the two diagrams for major and minor patterns for download for those who need them.

    The Blog is for comments about anything including feedback about the downloaded tunes. i will be posting one every week or two on the web site so keep checking in and let me know (by commenting on the blog comments section) if you have any questions so I can answer and anyone can see the answer.